About Me

One day at a time...

My name is Ruth. I'm a very tired looking 30 year old on maternity leave at present. My job was always quite hard to describe anyway. I do singing and acting and teaching and workshops and radio stuff and many other random jobs that keep money coming in and keep me from getting bored. 

On the 1st October 2019 I lost my wonderful husband, Andrew, to glioblastoma, or in layman's terms - a massive cancerous brain tumour. Andrew and I had/have a strong christian faith which sustained us throughout his illness. I trust he's hanging out with Jesus in heaven now, probably eating biscuits, or accompanying a choir of angels on a beautiful grand piano, or just making everyone laugh.

I have two lovely little boys, Joel (3) and Freddie (7 months). Joel is a very clever funny little munchkin. He likes anything to do with numbers, he loves duplo blocks, jingle bells and chocolate (very like his daddy) but he's occasionally naughty (like his mummy!)

Freddie is a very happy red headed cutie. He enjoys (not) sleeping, guzzling milk, playing peekaboo, kicking on the floor, bath time and watching his brother run around like a crazy!

This blog is really a cathartic outlet for me. It'll be about mothering, widowing, general grieving, faith and no doubt some other stuff that comes my way.

Thanks for checking it out!